• Auto Services

    Scorpion AutoCrew offers professional servicing. Our Auto Services also includes Lube and Cambelts Services, Diagnostic Fault Finds, Fuel Management Problems, Starters, Alternators and Batteries.
  • Dyno & Chip Tuning

    Scorpion AutoCrew cares for our customers. We offer Dyno and Chip Tuning for better fuel consumption. Tuning on all make vehicles - Fuel Injection or Carborators, as well as Diesel Truck Dynos.
  • Suspensions

    Scorpion AutoCrew can do repairs on all suspensions on all makes of vehicles, using sophisticated technology.
  • Power Steering (Steering Box & Pumps)

    Scorpion AutoCrew offers Power Steering Repairs, which includes Steering Boxes, Steering Pipe Repairs and Oil Leaks.
  • Exhaust Systems

    Scorpion AutoCrew is renowened for our Exhaust Sytems. We install Stainless Steel Systems, Mild Steel Full Systems as well as All Repairs on Manufolds.
  • Mechanical Repairs

    Mechanical Repairs by Scorpion AutoCrew includes Engine Overhauls, Cyldinder Heads, Cooling Systems, Brakes and Clutches.
  • Conversions

    Scorpion AutoCrew offers V8 Lexus conversions on all make Vehicles: Bakkies, Cars or Busses. Any type of vehicle is welcome!
  • Air Conditioning

    Scorpion AutoCrew offers numerous option for the care of your vehicle's AC. AC's need to be checked regulary for gas, leaks, new pumps, etc.